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Box Cutter - Utility Knife

"As an Amazon addict I have to break down a lot of boxes. This cutter is so much more comfortable and easier to use than the usual ones. Solid and a sharp blade. If I needed a new cutter, I would absolutely order this one again."


    "I use utility knives all the time for art projects and , well, utilitarian things. The best knife I've ever had is a fixed blade 'matt cutter' purchased from a high end art supply store in the 1970's. I still have that knife but have purchased many others over the years - none of which have lived up to it's design and quality. Until now. After throwing out a couple of supposedly good, high end knives purchased at various hardware and art supply stores I embarked on a search for a knife comparable to my old favorite. It took awhile with some disappointments along the way, but I finally came across this knife. It surpassed my highest expectations. Well designed with excellent quality and construction it has all of the advantages of a retractable blade with the stability of a fixed blade. Multiple locking positions will 'fix' the blade at any depth down to about 1/8". It's groundbreaking (for a utility knife) ergonomic design makes it extremely comfortable, safe and easy to use. If you are serious about utility knives I don't think you can do better than this. After 50 years, I have a new favorite!"


      "These are the best box cutters I have ever owned. Just today I cut down two large, heavy cardboard boxes. It was so fast thanks to these excellent cutters. I recommend these strongly!"


        "This is a rugged quality product which will last for years."

        E. A. M.

          "Great product. I have arthritis in my hands. It's hard for me to grip things in my hand. I have no problem with this box cutter."

          K. C.

            "Feels good in the hand. This has a good weight to it. It won't easily fall out of your hand. I have weak hands from nerve damage and arthritis. And I order a lot of things online because of covid... and I need a box opener that would be easy for me to hold. I am so glad I found this. I also bought extra blades."

            L. V.

              "Love Using My New Ergonomic Box Cutter! 👍🏾👍🏾 This is one great box cutter! I've been meaning to order one a long time ago but didn't want one of those traditional looking ones. I love that it has a hand guard... I like the hand guard which prevents paper cuts from the cardboard you're cutting when your hand slides along a previous cut sharp edge. I also like that the replacement blades are on board which it's easy to change out when needed. I really like that you can adjust how much blade you want out when cutting because it's not always necessary for the blade to extend all the way out!"


                "Helpful and safe. Bought this knife because I got tired of using scissors and keys to tear up delivery boxes. It's a great piece of equipment. The blade tip comes far enough out that you can easily slice standard cardboard and tape, but not so far that it poses any danger. This is all the more so because the handle is a grip, and so even if your hand slips, it won't hit the blade. One note: I tried to cut some thicker plastic after using it for 2 years or so, and the blade broke off. No harm done to me, but I couldn't remove the broken blade. The company replaced the knife under the lifetime guarantee. Otherwise, unbroken changing blades is quite easy. So great customer service as well. Would definitely recommend."

                D. O. K.

                  "One of the best tools I’ve ever purchased! What do I dislike? NOTHING!!!! Can’t recommend this tool enough - fits my hand perfectly & with arthritis in my fingers, it does all the work. Most of all is the safety of this box cutter - I bought one for our camper....it will get plenty of use. 👍👍👍"

                    "Great gadget. This is great for breaking down boxes to put in the recycle bin. It is a tad on the heavy side but I got if for the ergo grip."

                    L. M.

                      "FINALLY, A GREAT BOX CUTTER. After many other box-cutters, finally, this is a great one. Ergonomically terrific, cuts very well. Allows you to use a variety of force. Very solid--you don't have to worry about blade flying out. Miraculously, the unit also stores extra blades, and the changing is very user friendly. This is a winner. Highly recommended."

                      A. Y. C

                        "Perfect. If I could I'd give 10 stars for ergonomic and easy to hold. Exactly what I needed after medical problem with my hand. Also much safer to use than regular box cutter. It's not cheap, but it's perfect for me. I keep one inside and one in the garage."


                          "Comfortable and well shaped handle. Adjustable. I liked the ergonomic and safety and easy to hold features of this cutter.I was so pleased that I wanted to do this review as soon as possible. I'm very pleased with this product. I actually look forward to using it to break down the boxes I've been avoiding."

                          W. E.

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