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EverSaw 8.0 - folding hand saw

The EverSaw 8.0 folding hand saw great for tree pruning, camping, hunting, survival

EverSaw 8.0 - folding hand sawThe EverSaw 8.0 is an exceptional folding hand saw useful for a variety of purposes. It’s small enough to easily fit in the hand allowing for good control.

The rubberized handle offers a steady grip while cutting. The 8″ blade has hardened metal with blade teeth sharpened in three directions making for a quick, straight and clean cut. With a steady pulling action, the saw makes short work of medium size tree branches, wood, plastic and bone.

The blade length, size of the handle and the sure grip make the work of collecting and trimming firewood a much easier chore.

A Folding Hand Saw made easy to carry

The blade locks into position when open and can be folded into the handle for ease of carrying while traveling, hiking and camping. It’s useful for collecting and trimming firewood when in the wilderness. It can cut through small to medium branches, wood, bone and plastic.


EverSaw 8.0 - folding hand saw
EverSaw 8.0 – folding hand saw


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4 thoughts on “The EverSaw 8.0 folding hand saw great for tree pruning, camping, hunting, survival”

    1. Hi Dave!

      Thank you for reaching out to us here at Home Planet Gear!

      There is no known recommended method for sharpening your EverSaw blade – but your EverSaw has a Lifetime Warranty!

      Please send us a direct message so we can properly address your concern.

      Thanks again for your giving your comment.

      Taylor Stone
      Home Planet Gear

  1. cloyde d. hopper

    We purchased a planet gear box cutter through Amazon, and when we tried to use it, discovered it was defective, i. e. the blade will not unlock; no matter how we tried. Need a replacement!

    1. Hi Cloyde!

      Thank you for your comment.

      Your box cutter has a lifetime warranty! Please contact us at service(at)homeplanetgear.com so we could properly address your concern.

      Taylor Stone
      Home Planet Gear

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