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Self-Sufficiency – a route to being self sufficient

Self-sufficiency - a route to getting thereCheck this article at a great site discussing preparedness and how to go about moving towards self-sufficiency. Not doom and gloom but preparation with optimism! Thanks to Backdoor Survival for an article that lays out simple, do-able steps to take to ensure you and your family can prepare and become more and more self-sufficient.

 Take steps to self-sufficiency

“…we all can take steps to be self sufficient. And isn’t that what prepping is all about: being self sufficient so we can take care of our own needs no matter what?”

Mapping a Road to Self-Sufficiency



1 thought on “Self-Sufficiency – a route to being self sufficient”

  1. This is a really good article! Becoming self-sufficient feels like an enormous undertaking but this article outlines some simple steps to take toward sufficiency. It’s much easier to have a plan with do-able steps to get you closer, rather than a huge and seemingly unattainable goal.

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