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The EverSaw 8.0 reviewed by Survival On Purpose

EverSaw 8.0 Folding Saw Reviewed by Survival On Purpose

The EverSaw 8.0 was reviewed by Bryan Stevens from Survival On Purpose in a video review which was posted to the Survival On Purpose YouTube channel.

Survival On Purpose is focused on survival, camping, bushcraft and other outdoor skills. Their videos include skill training, gear reviews and general outdoor knowledge.

Bryan Stevens, the creator of Survival On Purpose, has been in love with the outdoors since the early 1970s when he was a Boy Scout. He is now a Scoutmaster and father of an Eagle Scout and 3 soon to be Eagle Scouts. Bryan still spends as much time as possible in the woods.

Survival On Purpose is: Bryan Stevens, Ruby Stevens, Eric Stevens, Luke Stevens, Todd Stevens and Josh Stevens. (Bryan gets most of the “in front of the camera” jobs.)

Their slogan: “Survival Is Not An Accident”.  So Be Prepared!

In the video, Bryan covers the specs and features of the saw and then puts the EverSaw 8.0 through its paces while cutting through both dead and live wood showing the saw in action.

Watch for the skunk that gets in on the action during the video! 🙂

Bryan even tests out the balance while juggling the saw with the blade open!

Watch the EverSaw 8.0 review video here:



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