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Tick-borne disease – prevent bites – learn to ward off diseases

As summer weather develops throughout most of North America, it’s a time when most people love to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine, the warmth and marvel in nature coming alive. There are plenty of chores and activities that have been put off due to cold and wet weather. With warm and drier weather, the pull to get out is powerful! There is yard work, gardening, hiking and camping, biking and so much more.

Tick-borne disease

Tick-borne disease preventionHowever, for many, the scare of tick borne disease prevents them from getting out and enjoying everything that nature has to offer. Unfortunately, it is true that ticks can carry disease. Being bit can potentially leave one susceptible to catching Lyme disease or other nasty diseases.

Unfortunately, the threat of acquiring tick-borne disease has been blown way out of proportion by the media and fear is passed on through poor understanding of ticks and how diseases are transmitted. Truth is the risk of acquiring a tick-borne infection is actually quite low.

Ticks do not pass a disease the instant you are bitten! Did you know that?

Did you know that a tick must attach and feed for 36 hours before transmission of the Spirochete – therefore you can take positive steps to prevent disease if you have ticks on your body and even if you’ve been bitten. You just need to take the right steps as soon as possible.

This article from the website Primally Inspired gives a great primer for information about ticks, tick bites and warding off tick-borne disease.

Read this article and be informed so you can feel confident and safe about going outdoors and enjoying what there is to offer. Learn how you can prevent a potential disease even if you are bitten.

Shed the misunderstanding that leads to fear. Take steps to protect yourself, your family and pets.

Get out and enjoy!


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