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EverSaw 8.0 Folding Hand Saw

"Priced well and cuts with no issues. Purchased for my bug out bag tested as I was cutting some pieces of firewood with no issues. Lightweight and compact for my bag."

A. M.

    "This saw is every bit as good as described by the seller. Working as a carpenter, I use saws all the time (yes mostly power) but there are times when a hand saw is more practical. I purchased this saw because it looked like it would be handy for those times. I have not been disappointed. So far I've used it for pruning and for cutting some corners off a counter top. In both cases I could have used power saws, but the EverSaw was actually quicker and easier because I didn't have to dig the power saw out of it's storage place nor replace it when done. I keep the saw in my car so it's always handy."

    B. S.

      "I have used many different folding saws in the past and have found all of them functional but when I received my EverSaw for the first time, I noticed immediately the comfortable weight and fabulous gripping texture of the handle. The locking mechanism for the saw blade was secure and easy to use and the 3-teeth design of the saw blade made cutting branches from my spruce and juniper trees sweet and easy. Great saw! I can finally put to rest my old collapsible saw."

      G. S.

        "I didn't know whether to get this, the Felco, or the one at Lowes. I did some research, checked out several YouTube advice videos, read reviews and then went to the Home Planet Gear website. That's what made my decision. They seem to be a company that's environmentally friendly. They also have an awesome list of ways to use the saw during a zombie apocalypse."

        B. O.

          "Got this for my husband as a gift and he loves it. On a recent trip we used our new EverSaw to cut a path through the backwoods of the Texas Hill Country. Branches that the machete couldn’t handle, the EverSaw made short work of. With the folding blade it fits nicely in his jeans back pocket. He can’t wait to take it camping for firewood."

          L. C.

            "At the end of the day, this saw does what it says and says what it does. It is the last saw I'll ever buy. Period."

            P. R.

              "We'll be taking it every ride."

              A. M.

                "Fantastic Saw. Built to last with metal in the parts that count. Used a variety of saws over the years and this one finally fits the bill. Still as sharp as ever after a week of rigorous use... very impressed. Comfortable handle and handy pre-constructed hold in handle makes hanging on any size hook easy. Teeth are as sharp as the day I opened the package... and I run this hand saw through doug fir, madrona, maple. Packaging says suitable for bone and I believe it... haven't tried that out yet though. Have I mentioned the metal moving parts? This is such a huge deal for longevity!"

                  "It's a bargain and a saw that I see lasting for years."

                  S. K.

                    "This is just a GREAT saw! My first impression when I took out of the package was this is a sturdy tool that will last. I imagine campers would love it as it is still lightweight."

                      "I got this saw, not sure if it would fill my needs. We ride trails in the mountains and often have to go around snags or newly grown branches. I'm not really interested in getting on and off my horse every time I'd like to clear some trail, so I was hoping this would help me out. Not only is it super light, but opens pretty long and locks securely open. It cut old dry wood (which is hard and brittle) just fine. It has a hole with which I can tie a leather and secure it to my saddle, but unexpectedly, with it folded I was able to put it in my back pocket, where it stayed the whole ride. Still, open, it was long enough and sturdy enough to cut branches I couldn't possibly snap by hand."

                        "And it CUTS. I took it to a 5 inch Madrona that had died. Hardwood that had seasoned. And it whacked it off well. And then I went around pruning off limbs that I hadn't gotten around to taking off. I used to be a professional gardener but haven't had a garden for a while and I really needed a pruning saw. I wished I would have had it in the old days. The grip is great and it feels good sawing. Superior to the old wooden handle ones I used to use. I even used it for some plastic bender board I was installing."