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Where's My Pink Tape Measure? 3-Pack Tape Measure Set

"A handy three pack. I like to be able to measure things when garage sales are going on, or when I'm shopping. I keep one in my purse and one in each of my vehicles."


    "I can never find a tape measure when I need it. I put each in a different room and so glad I have THREE. They're compact but very functional. Happy with this purchase."


      "Great for small projects. Love these! Smaller and less bulky than the average measuring tapes. Easy to carry around if you're not into having one attached to your belt all day. I'm not a handy person but I do use for small everyday projects. The fractions at the bottom are helpful and easy to read. Also appreciate the color so I won't confuse them with anyone else's."


        "Nice small tape. I have a problem with losing small tape measures. When they are small enough to slip into your pocket, they are small enough to find their way into the great sock heaven. These are slightly larger than the ones I usually buy so perhaps they will be around for a long time."


          "Get's the job done. Tape measures. Three. They work. Nuf said."

          C. V.

            "Great for around the house. I always can't find my tape when a need it. So having 3 of them is great to put in different spots around your house so u always have one when needed. Plus my 7 and 6 year old love it to. They like measuring things and can easily read the tape measure."


              "Kid safe. I use these for preschoolers to play with and enjoy; they love them!!"

              P. F. in Oklahoma

                "Exactly what I was looking for. Purchased for my daycare children. Easy to read numbers. Perfect for small hands."


                  "'Measurably' Perfect Purchase. Three to a pack tape measures at a reasonable price! These are perfect for my crafting business, as well as the occasional need to measure something domestically. I'm not sure if they would hold up to commercial use, but they're perfect for home use. I love that you can push the big button down to lock the ruler in place. I love even more that you push the little button to release and rewind it, which it does super fast. Thank goodness there are three in a pack, because my husband has already claimed one for himself. So far these are a great purchase."

                  N. K.

                    "Pocket size. Nice to throw one of these in your pocket while doing small jobs around the house. Having more than one is nice because the kids tend to hide them"


                      "Good travel measuring tape. These are the perfect size for throwing in the car or in my purse when going to the hardware store. I’ve been at a furniture store or at work even and have needed to measure something snd have been stuck with no measuring tape. I like that I now have one in the car and one in my purse (number three is an extra!) should I run into a situation where I need to measure something for work or when buying furniture/decor for the house."

                      M. W.

                        "Good tapes for art. I have a frame shop where we measure a lot of art. Perfect small tape for that and the lock seems good. My coworker loves them too. I think I will order again just to have a few extra around."

                        J. H.

                          "Good all purpose tape. The brake works well. Very easy to read-even eighths of inches. Nice medium length-good for everyone except contractors. Sturdy."


                            "Perfect size. It's nice to have this spread around the house, was even able to share one with a friend."


                              "Small, easy to read, fits in pocket. Helps me measure for shipping in my business, small and easy to read and use!"

                              M. S.

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