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At Home Planet Gear, we’re about making home life comfortable and down to earth. We want to see people really enjoy their homes, yards and the great outdoors with the confidence and savvy that comes from having useful skills, tools, and practical knowledge. Our approach to “getting out of the fast lane”, simplifying life, eating well, and becoming more self-sufficient and prepared is both sane and realistic for people interested in finding out more and taking steps in those directions. The Home Planet Gear blog focuses on simplicity and fun. We aim to inform, inspire, educate and provide some comic relief to our readers. The blog is a source for sustainable gardening tips, fun DIY projects, cool gadgets, easy to do emergency preparation lists, ideas for caring for the home and planet, and links to sites with more ideas, articles and projects. In real life, Home Planet Gear is a multi-generational family owned business. We got out of the fast lane two years ago and moved from the big city to the woods and rain of the Pacific Northwest. Since the big move, we have learned a lot and most of it the hard way. We now have a large organic garden, two producing bee hives, a partly renovated house, a fabulous new wood shed waiting to be filled, neighbors with chickens and goats, and a lot of plans for continuing to simplify our lives, enjoy our land and care for our home and planet.

DIY – Make your patio private with screens you create yourself

You can make your back yard patio more private with great screens that you can build yourself. It’s easy enough to be creative and combine them with flowers, hanging pots, an herb garden or anything else you would love to have around your patio. Just like that you’ve got a natural, outdoor enclosure to enjoy! …

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