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Fire Pit in the works

Fire Pit – A Project You Can Do Yourself

Fire Pit in the worksAs signs of Spring begin to appear, if you’re like us, you’re starting to get outside more. We’re looking forward to longer days and being out in nature enjoying the garden, the flowers, trees and night time sky!

A great way to enjoy the evenings outdoors is to sit around a fire and enjoy the company you’re with. There’s something about a fire when you’re outdoors. The dancing flames, the warm glow, the smell of the wood burning. I think most people agree they can recall pleasure moments while being around a campfire.

What could be better than to create that same atmosphere in your own backyard? You can enjoy roasting hot dogs or marshmallows in your yard at home and skip the long drive out of the city.

Better yet, you could even use your fire pit to cook if the power ever goes down for an extended period. This aspect alone is probably worth taking on this project

Fire Pit Project

We found a project on Pinterest that was put together by couple who built a fire pit for their yard. Their blog is called BowerPower. The blog article is called “It’s the Pits”. With images and simple instructions, they’ve made it easy for anyone to create their own fire pit without having to spend a ton of money.

Check out It’s the Pits.

Please, if you decide to take on this project in your yard, check your local ordinances and whether you have any homeowners association guidelines to follow.

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